07/20/2012 06:25 pm ET

Barack Obama Campaign Raises $45 Million In June, Beating Mitt Romney

WASHINGTON -- President Barack Obama's reelection committee ramped up its fundraising machine in June, bringing in $45 million according to a report filed Friday with the Federal Election Commission.

That was $12 million more than the amount raised directly by Mitt Romney's campaign committee in June. Overall, Romney's team out-raised Obama's team by $35 million: The Romney campaign, the Republican National Committee and the joint fundraising effort Romney Victory together brought in $106 million, compared to the $71 million brought in by the Obama campaign and the Democratic National Committee. But the disparity between the two official campaign committees continues to favor the president.

The Obama campaign used the reports of Romney's $106 million haul to try to ignite its grassroots donors. A flurry of email appeals included one with the president's signature bearing the subject line, "I will be outspent."

As for spending, the Obama campaign maintained its torrid pace in June. It spent $58 million last month, which amounts to a burn rate of $1.93 million per day.

Most of that money went to television advertising, in which the Obama campaign has been hammering Romney for offshoring jobs while at Bain Capital and maintaining a number of bank accounts in foreign tax havens. The campaign spent $38 million on ads in June, compared to just $10.4 million spent by the Romney campaign.

The president's campaign ended the month with $97.5 million in cash on hand.

Grassroots donors continued to be the campaign's top source of funds. Small donors, each giving less than $200 in total, contributed $13.7 million in June. Another $9.54 million came from the nearly 200,000 itemized donations of less than $200 each from donors who have now given more than $200 in aggregate. Both of these numbers were up from May.

The $13.7 million raised from small donors, however, accounted for the lowest percentage of the campaign's monthly haul this election cycle.

The campaign also brought in $5.28 million from its max-out donors, those giving between $2,500 and $5,000 in one contribution. They're dubbed max-out donors because every individual is allowed to give a maximum of $5,000 to a candidate's campaign committee per election cycle -- $2,500 for a primary and $2,500 for the general contest.

In addition to the mandatory FEC filing, the Obama campaign also voluntarily disclosed its list of bundlers, individuals who raise large amounts of money from other people. The latter disclosure covered the entire second quarter of 2012 and included bundlers raising money for both the Obama campaign and the Democratic National Committee. In total, the campaign reported that 638 bundlers -- 106 of whom were new -- had collected at least $142.85 million for the campaign and the DNC in this election cycle.

Obama's disclosure highlighted Romney's refusal to release his list of bundlers. The presumptive GOP nominee is the first major presidential candidate to not disclose his bundlers since before the 2000 election.