07/20/2012 08:33 am ET

Hanley Ramirez Hits Foul Ball Into Cubs Fan's Beer Cup (VIDEO)

The chances of catching a foul ball at a Major League game are never that good. When one does get hit in your direction, there's not that much time to react and generally there is a crowd of people also trying to snag it. But sometimes, the ball manages to find you no matter what.

That was the case in the second inning of the Cubs-Marlins game on Tuesday when Miami's Hanley Ramirez popped a foul ball behind the Chicago dugout. The ball took a high bounce off the top of the dugout and then dropped toward a couple of Cubs fans about 10 rows back. One fan tried to grab it while sitting down but the ball deflected off his hand. It then ricocheted off the face of the girl sitting next to him and then fell right into her beer.

Both fans, and even the Cubs' announcers appeared to be in disbelief. Cheers!