07/21/2012 12:57 pm ET

19 Comedians Confronting Hecklers (NSFW VIDEO)

No one heckles quite like hecklers at a comedy show. You wouldn't hear someone yell their opinions at a solo jazz performer or a ballerina, but when an audience sees a funny person standing on stage with a mic, there's often one or two people who demand to have their voices (usually drunk voices) heard.

The recent Daniel Tosh incident reminds us that the way a comedian responds to a heckler can become an issue outside of the club. There's also a great documentary about hecklers on Netflix that highlights the many ways hecklers can be dealt with, and a wealth of video evidence on YouTube.

Below you'll see 19 examples of how comedians can handle a heckler, including brutal takedowns, full-on breakdowns and some ridiculously witty retorts. From Mitch Hedberg's gentle chat to Bill Hicks' expletive-filled rant, there's more than one way to handle a heckler -- some more effective than others.