07/21/2012 01:52 pm ET Updated Oct 10, 2012

Jipsy's Front Row View, Friday: Wilmer Valderrama, Gift Bags, And Judging Swim Week Shows (PHOTOS)

Opting to stay at the tents and not bounce off to The Webster caused me to miss out on a gorgeous presentation and a very generous gift bag. Needless to say, I was caught up interviews and Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Swim shows that ran pretty late until after 11 p.m. with little celebrity sightings but plenty of industry people working hard at getting it out to their audience.

Starting at 5 in the evening, we found ourselves at the Éclairée presentation in the newly redecorated penthouse at The Raleigh with Moet Imperial flowing once again. I loved this collection, though I am not a color blocking fan. But these pastel and nudes were classic and ageless. The look was completed with natural make-up and hair pulled back, and I couldn’t get enough. Excellent for all ages with classic pieces for your swim or resort wardrobe.

The rest of the evening, I was bouncing from one tent to the next. I was excited about Agua Bendita after talking to an editor of a fashion magazine, but I am not sure if it’s from where I was standing, or the music that influenced my taste, but I didn’t like what first walked out. The military pieces did catch my attention, though. The naval patch weekend bag was adorable, while cropped jackets were a hit during the that part of the show.

Poko Pano’s designer Paola Robba told us how much she loves and is influenced by this city (“I love Miami, en gusta mucho”) but Brazil is where it all happens. The seagull pieces for the collection were by far my favorites and the winner overall had to be the black cover up with the grey titled birds.

Dolores Cortes went a little punk rock in styling and the collection was a mix of neon with mixed patterned fabrics and an indie rock soundtrack. It’s definitely a younger line, while Vitamin A by Amahlia Stevens was a little more womanly. But this could be the influence of the presentation. My eyes were fixated on the accessories used at this show and the models' seducing glares as they walked the runway. We ran into Danny Santiago backstage who styled this show and has a couple others including Red Carter on Sunday. Great work, Danny!

Finally, the Nicolita show was fun. Wilder Valderrama was front row (see below) and Christina Milian walked out with designer Nicole Di Rocco at the end of the presentation. Fun, fun show with a Latin vibe, naturally, and the models looked like vintage Barbies in pin-up hair and heavy red lips.

Day three has started and I am late to catch all the extra stuff going on at the tents, penthouses and VIP rooms, so off I go. Follow me on Twitter at @nefariousgirl or on instagram at @itsjipsy for live pics from the shows. Happy Swim! -- Jipsy