07/22/2012 10:58 am ET

Stop Doing These 3 Things To Transform Your Life

Would you like to live a life that you love? Well, here's a thought. Maybe, all that is standing between you and your dream life are just a few, old learned behaviours that you are better off without.... So, what would happen if you could stop doing them?

In this article, I share 3 things to stop doing right now so you can create a life that brings you real joy, meaning and happiness….

1. Stop trying to please other people.

From a young age, children are conditioned to make their loved ones happy. Society teaches us that when we are ‘good’ we get rewarded but make Mummy or Daddy cross and you get into trouble. This kind of programming becomes engrained in our biology, and evidenced in our thoughts, actions, habits and behaviors.

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