07/23/2012 03:23 pm ET

Katherine Jackson, Jackson Family Matriarch, Found In Arizona, But Questions Still Being Asked

Police have finally reached Jackson family matriarch Katherine Jackson, following concerned tweets from Michael Jackson's daughter, Paris, saying she hadn't seen or spoken with her grandmother and guardian in a week. Katherine is on a planned vacation in Arizona, according to her son Jermaine. But some observers are suspicious about her absence coming just days after five of Michael's siblings claimed that his will was a fake.

"No way would Katherine leave Michael Jackson's three children [Prince, Paris and Blanket] and go on vacation without telling them," a friend of the family tells me. "She takes her role as guardian very seriously. Everyone in the business is very concerned about what is going on."

Katherine Jackson is apparently visiting with her daughter Rebbie. Rebbie and Jermaine are among the five siblings making allegations about Michael's will and its executors.

Paris tweeted her concerns earlier this month, saying, "yes, my grandmother is missing. i haven't spoken with her in a week i want her home now.”

"What 14-year-old tweets that her grandmother and guardian is not home and has been missing for a week? Who is taking care of these children?" asks one industry veteran. "For as long as anyone can remember, Michael would give Katherine money that she handed out to Michael's other siblings. But since his death, that has stopped; now the executors of his estate, who must account to the probate court, control the money. Literally, the golden goose is dead, and since 2009 everyone who got used to living off Michael must be very angry."

The Jackson brothers' reunion tour, which includes a tribute to Michael, hasn't proved to be the cash cow many had hoped. Since the 27-date tour was announced, 11 shows have been canceled and the upcoming Los Angeles show is discounting tickets up to 66 percent.


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