07/24/2012 10:57 am ET

Stop-Motion Super Mario: FinalCutKing Animates Nintendo Using 7,000 Post-It Notes (WATCH)

There's just one word for this video: Awesome. YouTube special effect pros FinalCutKing love Nintendo, and they put their editing skills to the test with this insane animated version of Super Mario using Post-It notes… a whopping 7,000 of them. Watch as Mario jumps, dodges, and runs, Post-It style. The stop-motion animation must have been time-consuming (FinalCutKing says it required "ninja like patience"), but it looks incredible!

Earlier this year, music group Abe&Tell put stop motion to good use with a creative music video featuring 500 girls holding an iPad playing a single frame of the film. Teens got in on the fun, too; an Arizona high school student created an "ad" for Converse sneakers using the editing technique for a class project.

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