07/24/2012 10:28 pm ET

David Beckham Olympic Photo Booth: Soccer Star Surprises Fans In London For Adidas (VIDEO)

David Beckham may have been left off the British soccer team for the 2012 Olympics, but that doesn't mean that fans in London won't get to see him. Despite his MLS duties on the other side of the pond, Becks has found time to make his presence known in his own unique, and monetized, way.

As part of an Adidas promotion, a few unsuspecting Brits got the surprise of a lifetime when the Galaxy midfielder popped in on them in a photo booth. Beckham, who is no rookie when it comes to promoting the shoe and apparel brand, interrupted each group as it took photos displaying Olympic pride.

Drawing shrieks, kisses -- and even tears in some cases -- Beckham laughed as the cameras caught the wide-eyed shock of those he surprised. Luckily, everyone involved now has proof of their chance encounter, because surely no one would have believed them otherwise.