07/25/2012 08:32 am ET Updated Oct 03, 2012

How To Clean Bird Poop Off A Car Using Seltzer Water


It might not be the most pleasant thing to clean up, but eventually all drivers must succumb to removing bird poop off their cars, especially if you have a red one. And bird feces is not an easy thing to remove. But there is a way to help you get rid of those "gifts" left by our feathered friends.

First, remove the top of an unsalted seltzer bottle. Next, put your thumb over the top of the bottle and carefully shake the water (be sure to hold the bottle away from your face). Then, pour the seltzer onto the bird droppings. After the water has bubbled, gently wipe away the feces using a microfiber cloth. Finally, pour water onto your car to clean the surface.

Don't forget, the sooner you clean the bird poop off your car, the easier it will be.