07/25/2012 07:39 pm ET

Olympics On Twitter: Lolo Jones, Ryan Lochte, Alex Morgan Among Olympians To Follow

Getty Images

Throughout the London Olympics, we'll be getting acquainted with athletes from around the world in a variety of sports from archery and badminton to volleyball and water polo. There will be familiar faces like Michael Phelps and Hope Solo but there will very likely be unexpected men and women who grab the spotlight between the Opening Ceremony and the conclusion of the Games.

While there will likely be plenty of profiles of these athletes on television, in print and on the web, sometimes the best way to get to know them is to go straight to the source. No, we're not saying you should follow these Olympians to London. Instead, follow them on Twitter.

When many prominent athletes aren't competing, they tend to be tweeting. Some, like Lolo Jones, are as likely to tweet about their personal lives as their personal bests in their event of choice. Via Twitter, some Olympians will bring you along for the ride as the London Olympics unfold.