07/25/2012 06:19 pm ET

Mike Anderson And Javelin Team Up For Delightful Western 'Canyon Candy' (VIDEO)

If you have ever fantasized of being in a Western, of wading through a sea of cacti and corpses to the distant echoes of yodeling... now may be your best shot. Filmmaker Mike Anderson teamed up with Brooklyn-based music and art duo Javelin for "Canyon Candy," a site-specific installation in which a Western-themed music video is brought to life.

The exhibition allows viewers to walk through the set of the 16 minute film, which features coyotes, clips from the film and a big, blue sky. At the end all roads lead to a saloon style theater where you can enjoy the film in full (as well as some sarsaparilla).

"Canyon Candy" is on view at the Clocktower Gallery in New York until July 26, 2012. (Organized by Alanna Heiss, Curator; Joe Ahearn, Director of Installation, and David Weinstein, Producer.)