07/26/2012 05:44 pm ET Updated May 02, 2013

Emma Koenig, Blogger Behind 'F***! I'm In My 20s!,' Snags Boyfriend, Book Deal Thanks To Blog

Though she's dedicated to documenting the typical, and often trying, tales shared by 20-year-olds hungry for work outside the service sector and hopeful for love outside the flighty fling field, blogger Emma Koenig may have to scour through her past for writing material.

As The New York Times reports, Koenig's latest life decisions -- such as, signing a book deal with Chronicle Books and moving out of her parents' home to nest in Los Angeles with a new boyfriend -- are anything but typical for the average 24-year-old.

The good fortune doesn't end there for the blogger. Koenig's Tumblr blog, 'Fuck! I'm In My 20s,' which showcases handwritten notes on the general anxieties facing a generation as it steps into an turbulent job market, has inspired developments in both her professional and personal life.

Her book follows the theme of her blog and is titled the same. The deal came with a $10,000 advance last summer and will likely draw attention and love from indie darlings when it reaches Urban Outfitters' shelves next month.

Meanwhile, Dave Seger, a rising film artist has partnered with Koenig romantically and professionally. The pair are dating, living with each other and recently launched a short YouTube flick with over 1 million views.

Jezebel's Katie J.M. Baker praised Koenig's work, writing that she hopes the sarcastic blogger's successes won't reduce her wits and relatability.

"It'll be interesting to see whether Koenig stops illustrating 20-something strife now that she doesn't necessarily need to be angsty to 'survive,' wrote Baker. "We hope she doesn't, though, because she's one of the few bloggers on the planet able to depict 20-something issues in a accessible but not cliché or cringe-inducing way."

Check out the very funny but NSFW video below.



Koenig and Seger Collaborate On YouTube Short Film