07/26/2012 02:35 pm ET

Elizabeth Nilsen, Georgia Teacher, Has SUV Vandalized After She Stands Up To School Principal

Elizabeth Nilson, a Georgia elementary school teacher, is standing in front of her vandalized SUV. And she believes that the incident has something to do with her dispute with Hayes Elementary School principal Teressa Watson, reports.

Nilsen, who can only see out of one eye and is considered legally blind, has filed internal complaints with the Cobb County School District, alleging that Watson is discriminating against teachers based on their race, age, gender and disabilities. A second complaint claims the principal created fake documents after Nilsen’s teacher evaluation had been finished and signed.

The fourth-grade teacher is currently fighting to keep her job, and is awaiting a hearing to determine whether or not her contract will be renewed, according to CBS Atlanta.

According to, Nilsen says the problems began last year when Watson gave her a negative evaluation on her classroom performance -- the first of several negative reviews. Watson later put Nilsen on a professional development plan, giving her an unsatisfactory rating.

Nilsen says the stress of the situation forced her to take medical leave in the spring, CBS Atlanta reports.

After filing complaints against Watson, Nilsen’s van was vandalized over the weekend -- the words “will Watson win -- U will lose if you don’t back off” were written in bold white ink across her windows.

Nilsen told CBS Atlanta she does not believe the principal is guilty of the vandalism, and denies writing the words herself.

Meanwhile, John Adams, the executive director for Educator’s First -- Georgia’s alternative to a teachers union -- has come to Nilsen’s defense, noting that Watson has admitted to changing the date on Nilsen’s teaching report.

He also indicated this is not a new phenomenon among principals, with at least a handful of other principals or administrators "who were demoted or worse for similar infractions."

In May, Clayton High School Principal Louise Losos resigned from her post in Missouri following allegations that she had created a Facebook profile pretending to be a fake student.

"The District and Dr. Losos had a fundamental dispute concerning the appropriate use of social media," according to a district statement.