07/26/2012 12:26 pm ET

Katie Holmes Divorce: Suri And Mom Fly Commercial (VIDEO)

Much has been made of the dissolution of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruises' 5-year marriage, but very few pundits guessed it might prove to be a boon for the commercial aviation industry.

Katie, for her part, has moved into a Chelsea apartment building and been witnessed in recent weeks traipsing around New York with her beloved daughter. Suri's life seems to be changing in the wake of her parent's divorce: The 6-year old has reportedly been enrolled in a Catholic school and has been forbidden to wear the designer clothes that she was brought up in.

Now, Suri is really leaving behind rarified air. E! News reports that Katie and Suri recently headed to Katie's native Ohio via a commercial flight. They have the photos of the surprised little girl's face to prove it.