07/27/2012 07:47 am ET

41 Overly Enthusiastic Fan-atical Olympic Costumes (PHOTOS)

There are fans, there are FANS then there are Olympic FAN-ATICS. The 2012 Summer Olympics are here and we can't wait to see who creeps out of the woodwork this year.

We want to see craziest, most inventive costumed fans from all corners of the globe. Grown men and women lathered up in country colors and screaming bloody vuvuzela murder until their lungs implode.

Here's to the enthusiastic tossers who shave their hair in the shape of the Olympic logo. Raise a glass of thick London nut brown ale to those devoted fans tattooing misspelled London 2012 logos on their bodies. Good show old chap, we love you. Please keep it up this year.

To prepare you for the Olympic insanity that is already taking hold, we've scoured the archives of past Olympic events to find the true fan-atics.