07/26/2012 12:05 pm ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

Olympic Style: A Look Back At The Best, Worst And Totally Silly (PHOTOS)

Every four years the world gathers eagerly to watch the summer Olympics, and second only to the athletic prowess on display is the chance to to see these athletes show off a little personal style.

We've seen uniforms, as well as performance hair and makeup, truly evolve over the decades. From floor-length dresses on the field, '80s acrylic nails and sporty bowl cuts, there've been quite a few standout style moments -- including a couple missteps. We're also spotlighting some exceptional spectators -- including one Elizabeth Taylor at the 1960 games in Rome.

With the Opening Ceremony kicking things off on Friday, we're taking the opportunity to showcase our favorite Olympic style highlights. See all of those in the slideshow below, then check out our tribute to the lovely leotard (and see how it started as something far less skimpy).

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