07/26/2012 07:54 pm ET

Too Big For A Dress: Bridal Shop Says Customer 'Too Fat' For Dress

One British bride left a bridal boutique upset and "humiliated" after employees told her she was too large for the dresses they carried.

The Daily Mail reports that Claire Donnelly was turned away from the shop because they don't carry dresses in size 16 -- Donnelly's size.

The average dress size of a British woman is a 14, which is only one size below Donnelly's. More than half of all American women are a 14 as well.

In addition to the embarrassment over her size, Donnelly was told that she "couldn't afford" any dresses in the shop. She told employees that her budget was between £450 and £500, and the shop's manager, Tim Shayle, says that most of their dresses begin at £500 and go up with the cost of alterations.

"We are only a small boutique shop and it is a business decision to only stock certain sizes for people to try on," he told the Daily Mail on why the shop only carries sizes eight to 14.

If an 800-pound bride can wear a wedding dress, an average size 14 should be no problem.

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