07/27/2012 11:12 am ET

Gabriel Iglesias Benefit Show For Caleb Medley: Comic Plans Benefit Show At Denver Improv For Aurora Shooting Victim

Gabriel Iglesias, nationally-known stand-up comic, was so moved by the tragedy of the Aurora shooting that he has announced a benefit show for Caleb Medley -- a shooting victim who sustained a severe head injury and remains in a medically induced coma in intensive care, continuing the fight for his life.

Medley was pursuing a career in stand-up comedy himself and his wife just gave birth to their first child, baby Hugo.

"I wanted to do something special for the victims of the shooting," Iglesias told The Huffington Post. "When I learned that one of the victims who survived was a comedian who had no health insurance and had a wife with a baby on the way I knew I had to help."

Medley doesn't have any health insurance and his family has been told that his medical bills could cost up to $2 million if he fully recovers, CBS News reported.

"I know what it's like to have a family and not have insurance and really need it," Iglesias said. "As a comic, insurance was one of those sacrifices I made early on until I could afford it. Now that I'm in the financial position that I'm in, it's time to give back. I feel very connected to this cause even though Caleb and I have never met."

Friends of Caleb Medley have set up a website to raise money to help pay for his medical care. Earlier this week, the website had raised more than $100,000 already, according to the Associated Press.

Iglesias will be joined by comics Martin Moreno and Alfred Robles. In addition to the money raised at the show, Comedy Central will also be making a donation and will be promoting the benefit show on its network providing information for anyone else interested in donating.

Since Iglesias announced his benefit show, Reverb reports that actor-comedian Rob Schneider has announced that he too will perform a benefit show to raise money for Medley at Comedy Works South in September.

Iglesias' show is scheduled for Wednesday, August 1 at 7:30 p.m. For more information about the show or to buy tickets, visit Denver Improv's website. For more information on Caleb Medley and his recovery, visit the "Support Caleb" Facebook page.

Photos from the Aurora movie theater shooting: