07/27/2012 01:30 pm ET

Jackson Family Feud Could Damage Janet Jackson's Career, Experts Say

With a security video showing Janet Jackson snatching niece Paris Jackson's cell phone from her, allegations that she called Michael’s daughter a "bitch" and slapped her, and now with Prince Michael Jackson's family text messages going public, many wonder if Janet has damaged her career for good.

The Jackson family war is awful for the Janet Jackson brand," Ronn Torossian, CEO of 5WPR tells me. "Allegations of physical confrontations, cops being called to the house and public letters by Michael Jackson Jr. are amazingly damaging for Janet Jackson’s career and public persona ... The Jackson family has been through so much scandal through the years and this family war, if it progresses, could make headlines worldwide for months. One wonders if Janet and her siblings will be seen as simply trying to take money from Michael’s kids."

But marketing entrepreneur Peter Shankman argues that, at this point, Janet has very little to lose and that her career has already been dead for quite some time. However, not everyone thinks the recent negative publicity will stop Janet from making another comeback.

“If one dead Jackson can come back to life, [Michael’s estate earned over $475 million since his death] then the career of a surviving Jackson -- Janet Jackson -- should never be written off as fatally injured," says marketing consultant, Huffington Post contributor and CEO of Hanft Projects, Adam Hanft.