07/30/2012 10:01 am ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

Camila Alves Reveals Why She's Not A Size 0, Shares Favorite Hair And Makeup Tips (PHOTOS)

"I've never been a size 0," Camila Alves McConnaughey said when we discussed her new role as the brand ambassador for Macy's INC. "I'm curvy," she explained, "I'm from South America!"

So, the Brazilian beauty and mother of two, who is expecting her third child this year with husband Matthew McConaughey, knows a thing or two when it comes to finding clothes that actually fit. "A lot of the time you see something really beautiful, but if you don’t have the perfect figure and are a really small size, it won't work well for you." Her struggles don't include finding dresses long enough to fit her statuesque 5'9'' frame, but rather something more surprising: "I have a hard time finding high boots that go up to your knee, because of the shape of my calves." And, like most women, "I have a really hard time finding good denim," she revealed.

For this newlywed, modeling is all about a healthy routine ("Before a shoot, I'll watch what I eat. During the shoot, I watch what I eat." Alves said. "Afterwards, the first thing I do is go have a steak and french fries"), but it's also about working hard. Although Alves described her shoot for Macy's, which took place in a Californian desert, as "pretty damn hot," that doesn't mean she didn't enjoy it. "Everybody was melting," she explained, "It was windy, sand flying everywhere...but it was fun."

There are many reasons the former "Shear Genius" host enjoys photo shoots. One in particular is that she is able to pick up a lot of beauty tips. "I love wearing my hair curly," she said, "but turning the curling iron all the way up creates curls that look really made up and artificial." Alves reveals the solution: "Grabbing smaller sections of hair, wrapping [it] around the curling iron, holding for a few moments and then letting it go and kind of stretching it out a little bit will give you that beachy natural curl look. I love that!"

In addition to hair, Alves had some makeup advice, as well: "Another trick I learned is that if one eye looks smaller than the other, and I know that if I’m tired you really start seeing it, this makeup artist told me to put a lighter colored pencil in your eye that looks smaller and it opens up your eye. Then, you put a brownish color in the one that looks bigger, so the give the illusion of evening them out."

As if she has any imperfections. When we spoke on the phone Friday morning, following Macy's celebratory bash at No. 8 on Thursday, Alves seemed genuinely touched by the event's turnout, which included Solange Knowles, Coco Rocha, Louise Roe and, of course, her husband. "I had a great time. You never know if people are going to come, but the place was packed. I was very happy."

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Camila Alves McConnaughey (PHOTOS)
Camila Alves McConnaughey (PHOTOS)