07/30/2012 03:56 pm ET Updated Jul 30, 2012

Kate Middleton, Busy Princess, Attends Arts Reception In Updo, Roksanda Ilincic (PHOTOS)

Kate Middleton is having the busiest day ever.

Well, as far as a busy day goes for a princess. (Our busy days include way more errand-running and Chipotle-scarfing.) The Duchess of Cambridge, however, went from day to night with ease on Monday, suiting up in a blazer for a sporting event and then a glam look for a gala.

Let's journey through Kate Middleton's daybook, shall we? The day started off at Greenwich Park for Zara Phillips' equestrian event at the Olympics, where Catherine caught some rays with Will (and Gucci sunglasses) in tow. And then it was on to the evening. While the boys hit up the men's gymnastic finals, Kate changed into her evening wear to attend (stag) a non-Olympics related event in London: the Creative Industries Reception, which celebrates over 800 Britons who participate in the arts.

How did the duchess do for evening? First of all, we're totally crushing on her hair, which was pulled back in a rare updo. Fun fact: the last time the duchess wore her hair back, it was at an Olympics gala back in May. Seeing Kate sans swathe of face-blocking brown locks is always a treat.

As for the dress, it's a repeat: Kate first wore the lavender Roksanda Ilincic frock back on her 2011 royal tour. But we'll give honorable mentions to her sparkly circle earrings, which we'll assume are worth more than our paycheck.

This has been "A Day In The Life Of Duchess Catherine." Check back for more installments, which will surely feature tea parties, awkward royal reunions and pumps in all sorts of beige.


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