07/31/2012 08:27 am ET Updated Jul 31, 2012

Free Yoga In Miami: Where To Downward Dog Without Forking Over Your Bones (PHOTO)

Have you jumped on the yoga train? It might be a practice dating thousands of years, but yoga is hotter and trendier than ever. For those who take the practice seriously, whether for exercise or a relaxation technique, there are plenty of places throughout Miami where you don't have to fork over your entire paycheck to exercise -- wouldn't that make it more stressful anyway?

At Bayfront Park, volunteers have hosted classes for thousands of yogis in the last few years, allowing everyone to go into Downward Dog with the view of Biscayne Bay before them. The Free Yoga Foundaton offers free classes in multiple parks. And if you're OK with a $5 donation for a class (compared to more than $15 at most studios), there are even more options.

Whether you can throw yourself into an eight-angle pose with ease, or fear the only thing you can handle is a corpse pose, check out these multi-level classes offered for free every week. Om shanti!

Best of Miami: Free Yoga

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