07/31/2012 11:07 am ET

America Loves a Crying Gymnast

American Jordyn Wieber is gymnastics' reigning World Champion and was a favorite to take home an all-around medal during the London Olympic games — until yesterday. Even though she performed well, it wasn't enough. Fate and goofy Olympic rules intervened and Wieber was knocked from the all-around final by her underdog teammate Aly Raisman. It's a difficult reality to face for anyone, especially a 17-year-old with a fierce competitive streak who has worked her entire life in the hopes of medaling in the Olympic games. But what made Wieber's upset feel like it could reach through the screen and squash your heart like a stewed tomato was a sadistic NBC cameraman's decision to film Raisman's post-victory interview with Jordyn Wieber crying and being consoled in the background. It felt dirty. It felt terrible. But we eat this up.

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