08/01/2012 06:41 pm ET

VIDEO: Massachusetts Man Crashes RV Camper Into Neighbor's Pool

A Massachusetts man crashed his 28-foot RV camper into his neighbor's pool on Wednesday, FOX 25 reports.

The driver -- who is about 60 years old, according to police -- suffered a health problem while behind the wheel and put the vehicle in reverse. He then put the camper in drive and crashed through a metal fence and into the pool behind his home.

Norman Little, who lives at the home with the pool, rescued the man from the RV, according to CBS Boston.

"He definitely saved the guy," Little's daughter, Elizabeth, told CBS Boston. "If my dad wasn’t out there, it wouldn’t have been a good day."

Police told news sources that the driver is recovering at a hospital and that his injuries are not life-threatening. It's not yet clear what sort of medical problem led to the accident.

Officials removed the RV from the pool with a crane and a dump truck, according to FOX 25.