08/01/2012 09:11 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

28 Lobster Recipes That Anyone Can Make

Half Baked Harvest

A lobster dinner is a special event -- usually reserved for celebrations. (Unless of course, we're talking about lobster rolls which we should all try to eat as much as possible.) Unfortunately, lobster isn't cheap, so you can't eat it on the regular like you would chicken. But that just makes it feel even more special -- and makes it taste that much more delicious.

Cooking lobster at home is one easy way to cut down on the cost, of course. And it also makes the meal more rewarding. You might be thinking that making lobster at home is no easy feat, but you'd be wrong. We've put together a collection of lobster recipes that are simple and delicious -- so you can enjoy lobster as often as you want, just because it tastes good.

Here are 28 lobster recipes to try out this summer.

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