08/03/2012 12:59 pm ET

World's Largest Shaving Cream Pie Fight On Earth, Guinness World Record, Set In Dallas, Texas (VIDEO)

More than 700 people creamed their pants in Dallas, Texas on July 31 and set a Guinness World Record.

At AT&T Plaza in front of the American Airlines Center, 714 people gathered to take part in the Biggest Shaving Cream Pie Fight On Earth, according to Metro.

The massive food fight was hosted by Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey to kick off International Clown Week -- that explains the colorful costumes.

The brand new category had a minimum requirement of 684 people, based on a 2011 record for the largest custard pie fight. That category has been retired because of food wasting concerns, CBS News reports.

Each participant started with two pies and had two minutes to cover everything with shaving cream, according to CNN's iReport.