08/03/2012 11:16 am ET Updated Aug 03, 2012

In Honor Of HuffPost Parents' First Birthday, Kids Sing Happy Birthday, (Try To) Blow Out Candles (VIDEO)

Dear Baby,

Today, you are one. It seems like just yesterday we were waiting to meet you, debating what you should be called. You look more like a HuffPost Parents than a HuffPost Parenting. Your colors suit you well too. We hope you like the purple.

You've achieved so much over this past year. We were so proud to see you reach all your milestones. Do you know you have 400 bloggers? Remember this -- look at all those comments. You have made so many nice friends on Facebook and Twitter. It's your birthday so we're allowed to brag!

It's time for cake. In your grand tradition of bringing adorable children together to do adorable things, please enjoy a special celebratory video.

Us, your editors

P.S. Here's what we know about parenting now that you are 1.