08/03/2012 05:45 pm ET

Juror's 'Law And Order' Audition Delays Robert Morales Attempted Murder Trial

The attempted murder trial of Robert Morales, who cops say confessed to shooting his parole officer in 2010, was delayed on Friday due to a juror's unexpected callback for a "Law and Order" audition.

The Daily News reports Thursday's opening arguments were put on hold for a few hours in order to accomodate Juror No. 6's shot at the acting gig.

The juror told the presiding Justice Wayne Ozzi, "If it was anything else, I wouldn't even have brought it up." Due to recent financial hardship and an injured wife who can't work, the juror explained, he just couldn't afford to miss the opportunity.

“It’s a close call every month," he told the judge. "There’s no slush fund.”

Justice Ozzi permitted the juror to leave and said, "Good luck. We'll be looking for you on TV.”

As for Morales, police say they recorded a 16-minute confession after the 2010 incident. "I'm just sorry he's not dead," Morales said,referring to the shooting victim, Samuel Salters. "He deserved it. He's an asshole."