08/03/2012 04:04 pm ET

Grenade Fishing Stunt In Russia Has Explosive Results (VIDEO)

Three words: Russian grenade fishing. There are some pretty intense videos coming out of Russia, whether it's skywalking Russian teens scaling 1,000-foot-high structures with no safety equipment or bitter bouts of road rage. But none of them hold a candle to this video of grenade fishing.

As it turns out, the explosive scene may have been staged for a movie, as LiveLeak commenters suggested. It was pointed out that someone in the background is shouting Russian commands through a bullhorn.

Turkish LiveLeak user TahsinTekin uploaded the video of what initially appeared to be two Russians using a grenade to fish earlier this week. The cameraman looks on from a safe distance as one man holds the explosive device out over the water and clutches the other man's shoulder. The camera begins rolling as the men count down and drop the grenade in the water.

What happens next is expected. The grenade goes off "early," tossing the men on the boat. Watching this, we certainly do hope it is a stunt. If not, then ой! (That's "ouch" in Russian.)