08/05/2012 07:49 am ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

Why Marilyn Monroe Has The Most Iconic Hair Of All Time (PHOTOS)

“In Hollywood a girl’s virtue is much less important than her hair-do," Marilyn Monroe once said. Inspiring numerous copy cats and imitators over the years, her iconic blonde hair has indeed left an impact. From magazine editorials to red carpet events to your everyday salon, the Marilyn Monroe hairstyle has become one of the most recognizable beauty looks of all time.

Women like Madonna, Anna Nicole Smith, Gwen Stefani and Scarlett Johansson have all taken the liberty of incorporating the actress' original look into their own signature beauty statement. And of all people, Andy Warhol understood the power of Monroe's platinum hair when he completed several silkscreen paintings, including "Marilyn Diptych," shortly after her death. His images often showed Monroe's hair in various shades of blinding yellow or gold.

As we approach the 50th anniversary of Monroe's death (August 5th, 1962), we decided to take a closer look at one of the iconic blonde's many contributions to popular culture: Her glamorous blonde hair. Flip through the gallery below to see other actresses' take on her style, and vote on which look you like the best.

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Marilyn-Inspired Hair