08/06/2012 02:56 pm ET

Mark Twain Movie: The Author's Only Appearance On Film (VIDEO)

The website of the Smithsonian's magazine recently highlighted a quirky slice of history that they have in their collection: the only video in existence of beloved author Mark Twain.

The footage was shot in 1909 by Thomas Edison, of lightbulb fame. Among Edison's 1,093 patents is the kinetoscope, an early motion picture camera. This flick of Twain wandering around his estate and drinking tea with his daughters predated the talkies by a decade or two, but that doesn't stop it from being an entertainingly bizarre watch.

The film was shot at Stormfield, Twain's estate in Redding, Connecticut. Of his estate, Twain wrote, "It is charmingly quiet here. The house stands alone, with nothing in sight but woodsy hills and rolling country."

The year after this movie was filmed, Twain would die, aged 74, his voice unrecorded for posterity.

Thanks to Flavorwire for reminding us of this gem.