08/06/2012 06:14 pm ET

No Groom Wedding: Astrologer Plans April Wedding Without A Groom

She has the dress, the venue and the date for her wedding.

Now all Australian astrologer Anita Chakra Burtty needs is a groom.

Burtty told Channel Nine's "A Current Affair" that she's convinced she'll meet her man in October or November -- just in time for her already bought-and-paid-for April nuptials. She said her astrological readings indicated those months are ripe for love.

"Hopefully once he meets me he'll realise I'm a very fun, a very generous and I'm a very kind a loving person and he won't mind that I'm only a tiny bit insane," she told Channel Nine about her future hubby.

Burtty may have the stars on her side for finding a groom, but for now she joins the ranks of "Single Bridezillas," a term for unattached "future brides" who have prepped and primped for their Big Days, despite their singledom. Click through the slideshow to see Twitter's Single Bridezillas confess their preemptive wedding planning sins.

Single Bridezillas

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