08/06/2012 04:25 pm ET

State Legislative Elections: Democrats Tout Gains In New Polls

Democratic legislators are trumpeting new polling data that show the party leading or in a dead heat in generic polls for control of several state legislatures.

The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee -- the campaign arm for state Democratic legislators nationally -- released a memo outlining polling data from six states that show the party's legislative candidates in the lead. The polls -- conducted by PPP -- show Democratic leads in Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Michigan, New Mexico and New York, with a tie in Ohio. Democrats are attempting to regain control of one or both legislative houses in the states.

"I’m encouraged by these numbers," DLCC political director John Winston wrote in an email to supporters. "But to be honest, I’m even more encouraged by what I’m hearing directly from local Democrats in key districts: Our candidates and their volunteers are working harder than ever and building more grassroots energy every single day."

The polls released by the DLCC show:

Michigan: 45-37 percent for Democrats
Minnesota: 45-40 percent for Democrats
New Mexico: 46-38 percent for Democrats
New York: 54-38 percent for Democrats
Ohio: 43-43 percent Democrat/Republican tie
Pennsylvania: 47-44 percent for Democrats
National Generic Poll: 46-46 percent Democrat/Republican tie

In New York, the DLCC is primarily centered on attempting to retake control of the state Senate, which the party lost control of in 2010 after taking control two years earlier. The battle of the New York Senate has become the top race in the Empire State. The final majority also will be impacted by four Democratic senators who have split with the party and formed their own caucus with close ties to the Republican majority.



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