08/07/2012 02:11 pm ET Updated Aug 07, 2012

Cindy Glaser Hospitalized: Lollapalooza Fence-Jumpers 'Bent Me In Half'

An Elgin, Ill. woman went to the emergency room with injuries she says were caused by Lollapalooza gate-crashers who landed on her while jumping over the event's now-infamous black security fencing.

Cindy Glaser, 39, and her husband Jason were sitting near the edge of the festival waiting for Black Sabbath to start Friday evening when she says a mob of teenagers hopped the fence, striking the couple on their descent, CBS Chicago reports. Glaser left the festival in an ambulance--before catching the Sabbath show they were there to see--and was diagnosed with a neck sprain, while her husband has been suffering from headaches for the past four days.

The festival boasted aggressive security tactics this year in the face of record-setting attendance, but Glaser says she the event wasn't as secure as she expected. NBC Chicago reports that the crowd that struck Glaser was one of two reported gate-crashing mobs. That's significantly fewer attempts than in previous years, but Glaser says that of the 20-some crashers involved in her incident, only three were arrested.

I had a reasonable expectation of safety there," Glaser told the Chicago Sun-Times. "We weren’t in a mosh pit. We weren’t close to the stage. We were very far away. We weren’t anywhere near where we would expect to be injured. If there’s that many kids able to break in and hurting people jumping off these port a potties, there needs to be some extra security around the perimeter. I didn’t see any security.”

Glaser's injuries weren't the only ones reported during the three-day festival. Three men sustained stab wounds in two separate incidents that took place near Grant Park.

Michelle Fiore was enjoying an evening out with her 11-year-old daughter after Lollapalooza when a 19-year-old Gold Coast man confronted them, demanded the girl's souvenir beach ball and punched the child in an attempt to grab it Sunday night, police and the Northwest Side woman told the Chicago Tribune.

The man allegedly punched the child in the stomach when the pair refused and he was charged with misdemeanor battery and assault and cited for being intoxicated while underage.

Two Lollapalooza guests were also arrested for marijuana possession.



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