08/07/2012 03:46 pm ET

Jonathan Groff Naked On 'Boss'? It Could Happen

Jonathan Groff is trading in the wicked world of showtunes and singing competitions of "Glee" for the political power games of "Boss" -- and he could be getting naked in the process.

“I mean, the show is on Starz, so I definitely get naked at some point," Groff revealed to Out while discussing his diet habits.

Groff joins the cast of Season 2 of "Boss" as Ian Todd, an adviser to Kesley Grammer's character, Chicago Mayor Tom Kane. Like his "Glee" character, Groff's Ian will "do whatever it takes to get ahead" and told Out and his character will “sleep with anyone -- men or women -- to advance in the political world. His sexuality comes from a place of power.”

Still, Groff admitted at the Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour that his character is still "very green."

"He's trying to catch up with all the things in the office and get as close to Mayor Kane as he can," Groff said at the TCA panel. "He has a lot of deep dark secrets he's holding on to."

Season 1 of "Boss" scored low ratings -- its finale had just over 500,000 viewers -- but the show was nominated for a Golden Globe and series star Grammer took home the prize for Best Actor in a Drama Series. And Starz is backing the series.

"We keep reiterating this: We're not driven by the ratings; it's not the big picture. We do try to get the big picture and figure out how the audience is responding," Carmi Zlotnik, the managing director of Starz, said during the TCA panel. "We believe the audience will grow through the work of Season 2."

"Boss" Season 2 premieres on Friday, August 17 at 9 p.m. ET on Starz.