08/07/2012 11:35 am ET Updated Aug 07, 2012

Miami Loves Sex During Hurricanes, According To Trojan Study

One of the not-so-delightful parts of living in Miami are the gloomy rain clouds, ushering in the annual arrival of hurricane season. But, according to a new survey by condom makers Trojan, it also ushers in more sex.

While only 7 percent of Americans have had sex during a hurricane, in Miami, 27 percent boast this honor. Miamians also come in third (behind Houston and Denver) for having sex in the rain at 41 percent. For sex in the general outdoors, Miami is number 2 behind Seattle, at 75 percent. The most frequent locations? In a hot tub and at the beach, of course.

A second Trojan survey also found that in general, Miami just likes to get it on no matter what: we have sex most frequently with an average of 102 times per year, and last the longest at 35 minutes.

The city's sex drive might be encouraged because residents aren't deterred by either hot or cold temperatures, the survey says. 70 percent (landing us in the number three spot behind Denver and New York) say they’re down to get, well, down, regardless of the weather conditions. With 83 percent of Americans saying that hot weather and rain leads to more and better sex, this makes South Florida a hotbed of lust. But you probably already knew that.

We're not yet out of the woods in terms of storms this hurricane season, but just in case, we'd like to remind everyone now of some archived sage advice from Dr. Ruth: don't have your hurricane sex outside, people. Just lie about it.

[H/T: Miami New Times]