08/08/2012 04:13 pm ET

Back-To-School Shopping: 10 School Supplies And Accessories For Geeks!

Most back-to-school guides are made to help you fit in. They tell you what backpacks most people are buying, what textbooks to get, and the biggest trends in school supplies for fall. But what if you don't want to follow the trends? For the geeks, nerds and individualists who aren't looking to fit in this year, there are some awesome (and, yes, geeky) school supplies to add to your shopping list.

Whether you're into comic books (haven’t you always wanted superhero earbuds?) or chemistry (you'll be needing a coffee mug complete with the chemical formula for caffeine!), these adorkable school supplies and accessories will let your true geeky self shine through this school year. Check out our top picks for geeks in the slideshow below!

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A Geek's Back-To-School Guide