08/08/2012 03:02 pm ET Updated Aug 09, 2012

Conrad Slimak, 19, Allegedly Punched An 11-Year-Old Girl For Her Lollapalooza Beach Ball

At Woodstock, a young child was rumored to have been born amid a sea of people praising peace and love. At this year's Lollapalooza, a young child was allegedly punched in the stomach by a college student.

According to The Chicago Tribune Conrad Slimak, 19, was arrested Sunday on charges of misdemeanor assault and battery and underage drinking after allegedly punching an 11-year-old in the stomach in order to steal her souvenir Lollapalooza beach ball.

After attending the annual Chicago music festival, Michelle Fiore, a 45-year-old stay-at-home mother, and her 11-year-old daughter were walking nearby just before 9 p.m. when four teenagers stopped them to ask for their Lollapalooza beach balls.

Fiore joked she'd give the toy to them for $50. According to the Tribune, she told police that one of the teens, Conrad Slimak, 19, became upset at her joke, saying he was a college student and "Does it look like I have money?" He reportedly was sporting a three-day wristband pass to the music festival, which typically costs around $200.

That's when Slimak allegedly punched the 11-year-old in the stomach, purportedly so she'd drop her toy beach ball. Fiore's daughter reportedly clutched her stomach in pain but did not have to go to the hospital.

Another 19-year-old man in Slimak's party was arrested during the incident after he allegedly threatened Fiore and her daughter. He's being charged with misdemeanor assault.

Leor Galil, a reporter for The Chicago Reader wrote he believes Slimak is also a "shitty EDM producer." He writes about his discovery of a Google+ profile belonging to a Conrad Slimak from Chicago, which seems to likely belong to the same Slimak arrested on an assault charge. Galil took a screenshot of a SoundCloud profile featuring EDM music assumedly created by a username similar to Slimak's actual name and linked to his Google+ page.

Galil mused on what this alleged attack could mean for EDM music fans:

"Of course there's a chance that 'ConSli RadMak' isn't the same dude who allegedly punched a little kid for a f**king beach ball, but most signs point to 'yes,'" wrote Galil. "Take a listen to the tracks below and, if this indeed [is] the same dude, prepare for another round of trend pieces on what EDM has done to our youth."

Fiore's daughter was apparently not the only incident of physical injury at the festival. According to CBS Chicago, Cindy Glaser and her husband, Jason, were hoping to catch a performance by Black Sabbath when they were allegedly struck by a group of teenagers who were hopping over a fence in an attempt to crash the festival.



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