08/08/2012 11:09 am ET Updated Aug 08, 2012

Olympics Basketball Google Logo Lets You Shoot For The Gold

Google shoots… and scores!

If you haven't already seen the Google homepage, a new olympic-themed doodle is available today. Like yesterday's hurdle doodle, the logo has been transformed into a mini-game -- but this time it's a little more difficult.

The object of this basketball boredom-buster (which can be played here after today) is to shoot as many points as possible within 24 seconds by tapping the spacebar. The amount of time the spacebar is held down affects how far each shot will go. Your player also takes a step back midway through the game, meaning you have to adjust the spacebar tapping in order to swoosh a three-pointer.

Once you've finished pretending to be LeBron James, you can share your score on Google+. (We can't seem to score more than 14 points… so no gold metal here).

This doodle celebrates men and women's basketball, as both U.S. teams compete this week in the London Games. The men's team will take on Australia today in the quarterfinals, while the women will be facing off against Australia in the semifinals on Thursday.

According to the London Olympics website, 144 men and 144 women total will be competing for the gold. Men began playing this sport in the Berlin 1936 Games, and women starting shooting hoops in the Montreal 1976 Games.

Google seems to have caught the Olympic fever, creating an additional 12 London Games doodles, including sports like archery, fencing, table tennis and javelin. The idea for Google doodles began in 1998, with the first official doodle created in 2000, in honor of Bastille Day. Since then, over 1,000 doodles have been used for the Google home pages around the world, per the company website.

Which of the Olympic doodles in your favorite? Could you score any higher than our measly 14 points with today's basketball mini-game? Let us know your scores and opinions in the comments section and tell us how many points you've racked up!



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