08/09/2012 08:26 am ET

'ALF' Movie: Sony Pictures Animation Developing Feature Film

"ALF" is making a comeback on the big screen with a major motion picture at Sony.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Sony Pictures Animation has acquired the rights to the classic '80s character. The film will be developed as a CGI/live action flick. "Smurfs" producer Jordan Kerner is attached to the project. "ALF" veterans Paul Fusco and Tom Patchett are also on board the project. Fusco is also expected to reprise the voice role of ALF.

"ALF" aired 102 episodes from 1986-90 on NBC and inspired a spinoff series as well as a 1996 TV movie titled "Project ALF." The character also had his own talk show on TV Land for a handful of episodes and was recently brought back by The Hub to host a special block of programming, including "ALF" reruns.

In May, Fusco told The Hollywood Reporter he was pitching a flick about ALF.

“I think the timing is right. That’s a big important thing, timing,” Fusco said. “There have been movies out there of characters that I didn't think were on the same parallel as ALF that got movies made, so I think it's time. I think it could be a home run on a lot of levels."