08/09/2012 05:35 pm ET

Elizabeth Gelman Allegedly Fires At 11-Year-Old Alexis Ranieri For Throwing Chalk Near Her Chicken

An infuriated Staten Island woman allegedly fired a gun at an 11-year old girl and the girl's mother Sunday, The New York Post reports.

49-year-old Elizabeth Gelman was reportedly angry after the young girl threw chalk near her backyard chicken coop.

Following the chalk-throwing incident, and before the shooting, Ranieri's mother Sharon says she found her youngest child's bicycle damaged outside. The following day, Sharon claims she found the family car had been keyed.

Soon after on Monday, Sharon says she saw Gelman aiming a gun at her daughter from her house window. Neither Alexis nor her mother were hit by the shots, although The Staten Island Advance reports police confirm shots were indeed fired, and that the 11-year old girl was grazed by falling debris from material hit by the bullets.

“I felt something go right by my head, something hit my forearm,” Alexis told The Post. “She shot at me, but she just had bad aim.”

Police arrived at Gelman's house on Tuesday and uncovered a R&G .38 revolver along with 43 bullets. She has since been charged with a misdemeanor weapons charge.