08/09/2012 10:20 am ET

The Funniest Campaign Signs For Fictional Characters (PHOTOS)

Between all the attack ads, outrageous claims and steady flow of parodies of both candidates, election fever is reaching an all-time high. But guess what? There's still almost 100 days left until the big day in November, so why don't we all just calm down.

We've been watching Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis promote "The Campaign" for a while now, and it got us thinking about all the fictional candidates that are more entertaining than our current ones. Sure, Obama can sing a pretty good "Call Me Maybe," and Romney is all right at describing things, but we'd be having even more fun with the election if some of the candidates below were running.

From Will and Zach's "Campaign" posters to the multiple "Simpsons" characters that have sought office, we rounded up over a dozen of our favorite fictional campaign signs below (we even threw Colbert in there for good measure). Click through and vote for your favorites, and tell us who we missed in the comments.

Funny Campaign Ads