08/09/2012 05:30 pm ET Updated Oct 09, 2012

Gabby Hoffman Talks 'Now And Then' TV Show, Would Guest Star

Fans of the 1995 coming-of-age movie "Now and Then" were thrilled to hear that I. Marlene King, who wrote the original film and co-created "Pretty Little Liars," is developing a TV adaptation for ABC Family.

And now -- there's even better news for fans of the original.

Gabby Hoffman, who played young Sam in the original "Now and Then," told Vulture that she'd be up to make a guest appearance. "I think I'd like to do some sort of dance scene cameo," she told the site. "Like maybe a stark view of what happens when you get older, but on the dance floor. An interpretative dance about aging, if you will."

No word yet from King or ABC Family if that will happen, but the original "Now and Then" followed four best friends in Indiana spending a memorable summer together -- solving mysteries, getting first kisses, riding bikes -- and spend an afternoon looking back on it years later.

In addition to Hoffman, "Now and Then" starred Christina Ricci as young Roberta, Thora Birch as Teeny and the late Ashleigh Aston Moore as young Chrissy, while Demi Moore played older Sam, Rosie O'Donnell played older Roberta, Melanie Griffith as older Teeny and Rita Wilson as older Chrissy, who has a baby in the movie.

Time will tell if Hoffman or any of the original stars will make an appearance on the "Now and Then" TV show.

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