08/09/2012 07:41 pm ET Updated Aug 13, 2012

Shane Chartres-Abbott Murder: Warren Thomas Shea Charged In Revenge Shooting Of 'Vampire' Male Prostitute

A male prostitute and self-described "vampire" may have been murdered as revenge for a violent rape.

Shane Chartres-Abbott, 28, was shot dead outside of his home in Melbourne, Australia in 2003. At the time of his death, Chartres-Abbott, a prostitute, was awaiting trial for allegedly raping a female client, the Daily Mail reports.

Chartres-Abbot had been accused of raping the woman, beating her, biting off her tongue and leaving her unconscious in a hotel room, according to ABC Australia. The victim said that Chartres-Abbott told her he was a 200-year-old vampire who needed blood to survive.

The accused rapist said he was innocent, and that he had fled the room when the woman told him that there were men planning to film a pornographic movie that would end with Chartres-Abbott's death, according to the Canberra Times.

In 2006, a hit man identified only as "JP" pleaded guilty to slaying the alleged vampire.

JP said that a policeman and a former detective were also involved, the Australian reports. This statement precipitated Operation Briars, an investigation aimed at determining which officials were involved. To date, Operation Briars is the most expensive investigation ever undertaken by Victoria Police.

Last Tuesday, a new suspect, 40-year-old Warren Thomas Shea, was charged in Chartres-Abbott's murder.

Investigators say that Shea is an associate of Mark Adrian Perry, who police believe ordered the killing. Perry is thought to be close with the woman allegedly raped by Chartres-Abbott.

Perry has not been seen since 2009. Investigators suspect he has been hiding in Thailand.

$1 million is being offered in reward for Perry's capture, according to the Herald Sun.