08/09/2012 10:04 am ET

Why Are We So Enamored With Hillary Clinton's Dance Moves?

Hillary Clinton did something again. What did she do? A pop quiz: Was she a) chased out of Malawi by bees? b) not chased out of Malawi by bees? Question 2: Did she a) not wear makeup? b) wear funny glasses? c) look cool while texting? d) suppress a cough? e) drink beer and dance in Cartagenaf) do all of the above, or most of it? or g): dance at a dinner in South Africa? (Hint, hint):

Yes, Hillary Clinton, our United States Secretary of State, danced in South Africa and appeared to have fun while doing so. We love it when Hillary Clinton dances. It's a great little news item, a powerful woman doing something "normal" and even a bit silly. It shows her "softer" or more "fun-loving" side as some people say—a side that's been coming out with apparently growing frequency in the past few months, what with some of the other things I mentioned above (not the bees, though; that's just odd). She seems casual, comfortable, at home with who she is. All this is a good thing.

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