Karat Caviar Costs $4,000 Per Jar, Made In Place With Socialist Roots

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Caviar may be the food of kings, but one brand of $4,000-per-jar caviar found in New York City restaurants has its roots in socialism.

Kibbutz Dan in the Upper Galilee in Israel produced about 6,000 pounds of caviar last year, NBC News reports. The kibbutz has been growing Russian sturgeon for caviar since 1992 and selling it under the name Karat Caviar, and the business has been especially booming since a 2006 United Nations ruling banned the export of caviar from almost all of the Caspian Sea region.

When kibbutzim like Dan first started, they functioned like socialist communes with members sharing everything from money to child rearing responsibilities. That’s right, that uber-capitalist food you might be enjoying at the likes of Eric Ripert’s Le Bernardin actually came from a bunch of socialists.