08/10/2012 04:30 pm ET

Lance Ferguson, Walmart Worker, Intentionally Mowed Down Teen With Car: Police

Save money. Live better. But only if you make it out of the parking lot alive.

A Houston, Texas Walmart worker is in jail after he allegedly used his car to hit a teenager just outside the store on July 10, according to KHOU.

Lance Ferguson, 33, accused 18-year-old Dominique Mason of stealing, and allegedly told him he'd "whip" his "ass."

Mason reportedly left the store. Ferguson allegedly got into his car and followed the teen for a block.

"Then (a) red four-door car comes out of nowhere," Mason told the station. "It was terrifying."

Ferguson allegedly struck Mason, who flew onto the hood and fell to the ground, according to Then Ferguson got out of the car and verbally abused him some more before leaving.

Investigators said Ferguson lied during questioning, saying that he didn't drive to work that day and didn't follow Mason outside. Surveillance footage allegedly proves otherwise.

Mason escaped with minor injuries. He told cops and reporters that he did intend to steal some DVDs from the store that day, but had "a change of heart" and put them back before his confrontation.

Ferguson was fired and is now in jail, with bond set at $30,000.