08/10/2012 06:36 am ET Updated Aug 10, 2012

'Louie' Watches An Old Comedy Special, Reconnects With Sarah Silverman, Apologizes To Marc Maron (VIDEO)

In the second vignette on this week's "Louie" (Thu., 10:30 p.m. ET on FX), the comedian stumbled upon an old comedy special from the 1980s. There, he saw himself as he was in his 20s, as well as fellow comedians Sarah Silverman and Marc Maron.

Louie called Sarah to have her tune in, and they laughed at how much they've changed. Of course, while Louie doesn't think he's aged very well, Sarah actually thinks she looks better now than she did then.

When Marc Maron came on the screen, Louie remembered a 10-year old beef between the two of them. While it was never revealed what it was, in this remembering, Louie realized that it had been his fault the whole time. So he went to Marc's apartment to clear the air.

It was a beautifully awkward moment, and it was unclear how Marc was receiving Louie's apology. He let Louie finish and then reminded him that he'd done this exact same thing five years prior -- realizing it was all his fault and the apology. And still, the two have yet to hang out. Marc would rather they go for a cup of coffee than endure this apology every five years.

"Louie" continues on Thursdays at 10:30 p.m. ET on FX.

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