08/10/2012 10:32 am ET Updated Aug 10, 2012

Olympics Soccer Google Logo Game Puts Players In Goalie Position

Soccer fans, rejoice! It's your turn to be featured on Google's homepage.

The latest Google doodle requires players to hop into the game as goalie. The arrow keys move your avatar back-and-forth as an opposing player attempts to shoot into your net. You can also use the spacebar to make the goalie jump to block those high-flying balls. The game continues and the speed of the shots increase until your opponent scores three goals -- meaning, if you're up to the challenge, this game can go on for quite some time.

"Football," as the rest of the world calls soccer, was "first introduced as a metal sport at the Paris 1900 Olympic Games," per the official London Olympics website. This particular year, 288 men and 216 women competed for a chance to stand on the medal podium.

Yesterday, the women's U.S. team took gold (yay!), defeating Japan 2-1, reports NBC. The men's U.S. team was eliminated from the Olympic competition this past March when El Salvador squeaked a long shot by goalie Sean Johnson during the last seconds of the game, according to the Daily News.

The London 2012 final men's game for the gold will take place this Saturday, with Brazil and Mexico facing off.

Google's soccer doodle is now the 14th Olympic-inspired logo we've seen over the last two weeks. Previous mini-games have featured basketball, slalom canoe and a hurdles race. Today's mini-game is a tad easier than the last couple, so we expect you'll find this one to be an addictive way to spend your Friday at the office.

Check out all of Google's past doodles (here), and then let us know your score in the comments sections below. Can you beat our 26 points?



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