08/10/2012 11:39 am ET

Roni Lagin's 'Delicious City Prints' Highlight Food Specialties Around The World (PHOTOS)

Philadelphia-based graphic designer Roni Lagin's latest project is one that has our stomachs rumbling. His "Delicious City Prints" captures the foodie essence of major cities in the simplest of ways: by writing out their specialties.

The result is a slick set posters that make for an easy way to show culinary state pride. In a release, Lagin explained his thinking behind the project:

“Whenever I visit a new city, I can’t wait to learn what defines it from a food perspective. I always search for regional fare and eat what locals eat—like a Chicago hot dog,” Roni said. “My series Delicious City Prints project is a celebration of the food memories I have, along with a nod to some new cities I’m looking forward to eating in some day.”

Featured cities include Philadelphia, New York, Baltimore, Chicago, Boston, San Francisco, New Orleans, Paris, London, Seattle, Pittsburgh and Los Angeles. Aside from looking pretty, these posters are a great way to pinpoint what to eat in a city you're about to visit.

Lagin is raising money for the project through Kickstarter, and plans to sell prints in two sizes, 18" by 24" and 11" by 14".

Check out Lagin's awesome city-inspired food prints below, and scroll down for a food-filled video for the project.



Delicious City Prints